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Join CRAT Bamenda at the First Friday Forum

February 1, 2011

CRAT Bamenda will be presenting the following talk at the First Friday Forum in Bamenda on 4th February at 4pm.

‘Fighting Against Torture’ 

What are the long-lasting effects of human rights violations?


This talk explores the human rights of prisoners and the abuses of these rights that are taking place here in Cameroon; specifically the occurrence of torture and the effect that this has on a victim’s mental health. We will present the work that CRAT is doing to rehabilitate victims and explore what can be done by Civil Society to prevent human rights abuses from happening.

The talk will be presented by Evelyn Njakoi and Mepha Delphine; staff from CRAT Cameroon, Bamenda Regional office.

Please follow this link to download the talk.  



This talk is the organised by the First Friday Forum.  All interested persons are welcome, particularly those working towards the development of the North West.


Please follow this link to read the talk.

Date: Friday, 4 February 2011

Time: 4 pm

Location: COMINSUD’s Office, Opposite Fru Ndi junction, Ntarinkon, Bamenda


The First Friday Forum aims to be a regular meeting place in which ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills can be explored, discussed, debated, exchanged and shared towards development in North West Region of Cameroon.  It will also provide an opportunity to make new and useful contacts to further your work.

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