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About CRAT

The Centre for Rehabilitation and Abolition of Trauma was established in 1999 in response to the period of political, economic and social turbulence in the 1990’s following the start of multi-party politics in Cameroon.

CRAT Cameroon is a non-profit, apolitical and non-governmental organization, conscious that violence (war, inter-tribal conflict, sexual abuse, domestic violence, torture, uprooting, child abuse and other social ills) constitute very important issues in Cameroon. We feel very strongly that society must be compelled to look for permanent solutions not only to prevent, but to provide rehabilitation and restitution to the millions who have been and are still victims of violence and torture.

CRAT Cameroon operates from the head office in Yaoundé with a regional office based in Bamenda.  The Yaoundé office is the administrative hub of CRAT Cameroon but also offers clinical services to the refugee community, as well as outreach and education services through its partners including the Cameroon Red Cross and the United Nations Commission for Refugees.

The Bamenda Regional office focuses on community interventions and works directly with inmates of Central Prison Bamenda and Principle Prison Mbengwi as well as community members in Akossia, Alatening, Bambui, Big Babanki, Finge and Small Babanki.

CRAT services are at present for direct victims of torture and other forms of human rights abuses. The majority of clients have serious physical and psychological health problems. Much of the services are operated according to a clinic model with individual health care services.

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Our Vision

To facilitate social re-integration for lasting peace by educating communities about human rights, and contribute to the reduction of human suffering by supporting trauma and torture survivors to be self-reliant, and restoring them to physical, social and mental health so that they can regain their well-being and dignity


Our Mission

  • To promote peace and prevent violence among all individuals and groups in Cameroon and beyond.
  • To intervene in situations of inter-personal and inter-group conflict to bring peace and minimize the consequences.
  • To work to rehabilitate victims of trauma and torture to restore them to health, well-being and self-reliance through medical, psychological, legal, and socio-economic assistance.
  • To work closely with Hospitals and Health Centres to identify survivors of trauma and torture and introduce them into our programs.
  • To empower local communities and organizations to provide services to victims of trauma and torture through capacity building and training.
  • To conduct research to better understand the situation of victims of trauma and torture, develop models of best practice, and demonstrate impact of services.
  • To create collaborative partnerships with national and international organizations working towards the same goals.


Strategic Objectives

  • To build a strong, sustainable organization with headquarters in Yaounde and branches in Bamenda
  • To provide medical, psychiatric, counselling social services and basic legal services to victims of trauma and torture in Yaounde. These services to be supported by community outreach and referral
  • To provide community based support and education to trauma and torture survivors in communities and prisons in and around Bamenda.
  • To provide training on human rights, trauma and torture to service providers.
  • To conduct research to better understand the situation of victims of trauma and torture in Cameroon, and to demonstrate the impact of our work.
  • To raise awareness in the community at large around trauma and torture, and to inform them of the services provided by CRAT Cameroon.
  • To attract and manage a pool of skilled volunteers and interns to support the various programmes of CRAT Cameroon.