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CRAT Staff



Our diverse staffing team is made of up clinicians, administrators and legal advisors


Yaoundé Office:



Executive Director: Mr Ajuo Basile Tifu

Ajuo Basile Tifu, Executive Director, CRAT Cameroon

  Mr. Ajuo is one of the founding members of CRAT Cameroon since it’s inception in 1999.






 Programme Manager:   Mr. Ngutih Victor Che

Ngutih Victor, Programme Manager














Secretary/Bookkeeper:   Miss Yuyun Lawrencia



Medical Unit


Medical Director:  Mr. Mbotuh Daniel

Mbotuh Daniel, Medical Director













Nurse: Miss Kinyuiy Emmanuela Talla 

Emmanuela Talla, Nurse, Yaounde

Emmanuela is a graduate from the University of Buea and holder of a Bacholor’s Degree in Nursing Sciences. She has worked in CRAT for over 2 years that is from April 2008.

Emmanuela is the fourth in a family of 5 and loves very simple things and an easy-going stress free life.









Psychologist:  Mr. Herman Pouokam                 

Herman Pouokam, Psychologist, Yaounde













Bamenda Office



Acting Programme Manager: Nkwentisama Albertine

Nkwentisama Albertine, Acting Programme Manager, Bamenda











Administrative/Finance Officer: Tatah Esther Ghandzeni  




Tatah Esther, Administrative and Financial Officer, Bamenda











Office/Guesthouse Assistant: Mrs Chiftun Francisca

Chiftun Francisca, Guesthouse and Office Asisstant, Bamenda








Medical Unit

 Nurse: Mrs Mah Mary Babey

Mah Mary Babey, Nurse, Bamenda













Nurse: Miss Mepha Delphine Pekohke

Mepha Delphine, Nurse, Bamenda











Legal Unit

Legal Officer: Miss Njakoi Eveline Bonkwi

Njakoi Eveline, Legal Officer, Bamenda














Follow this link to find out more about our Board of Directors